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Discover the core values that underpin all our coaching programs and how they transform our leaders.

Corporate Coaching International is a pioneer in the field of executive coaching. We’ve been here for nearly four decades – charting our own course and crafting unique models that no lead the field of executive coaching. We hold ourselves to the highest standards, just as we know you do.

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Experience Shapes Us.
We Embrace It.

For over two decades, Corporate Coaching International has dedicated itself to meeting the diverse coaching needs of businesses and individuals alike. Our extensive experience, earned by working across a multitude of sectors, sets us apart and enriches our understanding.

We recognize that there is not just one path to success. Guided by our deep experience, we help you discover the route that best aligns with your unique needs and aspirations. Just as we have journeyed these paths ourselves, we’re ready to walk alongside you, bringing our whole selves to the work we do—embracing complexity with compassion, generosity, and a lightness that comes from genuine connections and a profound respect for the human spirit.

Pam is a silver-tongued mind reader. She exudes warmth while observing every possible detail. As a coach, she build mountains of trust, then delivers perspective shifting challenges.
T. Henschel
President, Essential Communications

Pam Erhardt, Ph.D.

Managing Partner

Pam brings over 25 years of rich experience in leadership, coaching, and consulting to her role. Having led teams herself, she deeply understands the challenges of driving growth, managing quality, and maintaining profitability. Her expertise lies in connecting each leader’s personal values and beliefs with their professional skills to develop a truly effective leadership style.

As a trusted advisor, Pam excels in helping leaders navigate the complexities of rapidly changing environments by providing clarity and focus. Her approach integrates mindful leadership practices with solid business strategies, underpinned by her extensive academic background in organizational development and psychology. Pam has worked with a diverse range of industries, from biotechnology to non-profit organizations, and holds a B.S. in Health Science, an M.A. in Organizational Development, and a Ph.D. in Organizational Psychology.

Lois P. Frankel, Ph.D.

CCI founder and CEO

Dr. Lois Frankel, founder and CEO of CCI, continues to influence through her keynote speeches, books, and specialized leadership training programs for women. Her groundbreaking book, Stop Sabotaging Your Career, hailed by Fast Company as “the best unsung business book of the year,” set the stage for her subsequent international bestsellers, including Nice Girls Don’t Get The Corner Office, which have been translated into over twenty-five languages.

Beyond her writing, Dr. Frankel’s dynamic presence extends to high-profile media appearances and speaking engagements around the globe. Combining a robust background in human resources with a Ph.D. in Psychology, she has developed coaching models emulated by many. Her compelling and practical presentations continue to engage and inspire audiences, cementing her status as a leading voice in business coaching and female leadership.